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FrozenPeaz TheraPeaz® Eye Mask


FrozenPeaz TheraPeaz® Eye Mask

From the top of your head (migraine, dental treatments, cosmetic procedures) to the tip of your toes, the SINUS / EYE MASK provides REUSABLE soothing hot or cold therapy relief. Available in: GREEN, GRAY, PURPLE

VirtualPeaz™ (not a gooey bead or gel) - stay pliable and conform to smaller body parts from tender sinus/eye region to wrists and toes. Delivering soft, comfortable hot or cold therapy.

COLD THERAPY relieves pain and reduces swelling.

HOT THERAPY relieves tension and stress.

Soothing hot or cold EYE MASK for migraines, sinus headaches, tension headaches, puffy eyes, swollen eyes, or pain from dental work.

The elongated shape of the TheraPeaz® cooling eye mask ensures a perfect fit around your eyes, sinuses, or jaw.

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